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The IMC Association is the only global professional body focused on Action Learning based management and leadership training and development.

Action Learning:

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Confucius (551-479BC)

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IMCA Business School

The IMCA Business School allows the associate to work without the restrictions of a conventional learning centre. Simply by logging onto the IMCA Global Campus, students are able to access all the key facilities of a business school from anywhere in the world, day or night, through the Internet. This uniquely flexible approach provides the student with all the means necessary to balance their study with their busy work or home life.

The IMCA Global Campus has been developed using Microsoft technologies and is interactive, quick to use and easy to navigate. It provides password-protected access to learning facilities such as necessary degree course materials, access to the EBSCO Business Library (containing over 3000 continually updated management journals with more than a million management articles) and group discussion areas. The campus also prepares the ground for each assignment carefully, with clear explanations of the tasks required and straightforward guidelines on the sources of information available. The tutor is there to answer any questions via the Set’s meeting place and by e-mail and will advise on the best ways to approach assignments.

Our philosophy and approach is aligned with the pioneering work of Reg Revans, formerly President Emeritus of IMCA and modern founder of action learning for managers. He held the view that action learning occurs when practical business people learn from each other, create their own resources, identify their own problems and form their own solutions. IMCA's qualifications are uniquely designed for this professional purpose - specifically to help our customers to become more effective managers and supervisors at work - they do not compete with or replicate the frameworks provided by academic awarding bodies.

Guest Access to the Campus

If you are not a Registered Faculty or Associate of IMCA and would like to visit the online campus you may register as a guest user by completing the guest registration form available from the front of the online campus. Registered guests have access to all areas of the online campus excluding the library area and meeting places.

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Action Learning

Action Learning provides managers with opportunity to solve real problems in their workplace and then learn from that experience Read More


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